Listen to Understand.

Half day workshop. Delivered in person. 


  • Importance of Building Rapport
  • The tenants of Improv and applicability to management and facilitation.
  • Listening to pain. Specific and general
  • I notice…I wonder…


“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity”
Simone Weil

Conference Calls are Meetings too. 

90 minutes. Delivered remotely via video.

Let's try and reduce our verbal footprint. With so many opportunities to write, say, and do whatever we want, and then store it in the ether, the importance of being concise is forgotten and sometimes lost. 
Long long ago, it was very expensive to use many words. (Think of a time when newspapers and books were printed by hand.) Now we stand to lose clarity. 

  • share nightmare conference call stories.
  • list of what makes a productive meeting.
  • How to listen well when we can’t see anything?
  • How to handle focus pulls.
  • Improv games.
  • conference call challenge.

80-90 % of communication is non-verbal.

Clear & Present Facilitation

(formerly High Fidelity)

Full day-A day and a half.

  • X Factors, Rabbit Holes and Objections.
  • Presentation boot camp.
  • Practice presentations recorded.
  • Listen to Understand.
  • Socratic method vs. Interrogation. 
  • I notice…I wonder.

"People will forget what you did,
people will forget what you said,
but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

Economy of Expression

Full Day. Delivered in person.

Part I- Writing

Share favorite writers
Can anything be captivating?
In Notebooks write about a lightbulb moment
Editing process
how to avoid “TLDR”

Part II- Speaking

  • share favorite orators.
  • Speak about your favorite invention.
  • Record and observe extemporaneous speeches.
  • Practice an impromptu elevator pitch.

"Yes, we can." President Barack Obama



An interactive role-play delivered in a group to practice tricky conversations, complex sales pitches or iron out on-going or recurring team challenges. Written and created after interviews and observations of the teams in question. 

Mango Democracy, a role play created for an Apple- IBM partnership was built and delivered in 2015 and subsequently delivered to IBM teams across the US and Canada.