why do I suddenly love Oprah?


Why do I love Oprah? 
Why does it feel like her speak, her call to arms at the Golden Globes, was a breath of fresh air, 
It was like a drink of water after crawling through the desert for, say, 13 months, and thinking you were actually going to die of thirst.

Yes. That's exactly what it was like! As though, articulate caring people really DO exist. People who come from humble backgrounds and work hard and become rich still DO care about children and women and all the people in the country who are NOT actual millionaires or billionaires. 

I think about Jane Austen's heroes alot. I wonder if she created Mr. Darcy and Captain Wentworth from her imagination, by wishing that those men really existed. Or, did she actually know a person like Darcy? I have this debate in my head all the time. Darcy real or imagined? And when the electoral college managed to elect an unregistered sex offender as the President of this country,  I was leaning toward Darcy being a myth, a comforting fairy tale.

But then Oprah! And, listen, by the way, I haven't felt one way or the other about Oprah for the whole time I have known about her. I have thought she is very good at what she does. She is a thinker and an empath. She definitely walks the walk. 

But that amazing "Into the breach, once more" speech at the Golden Globes, made my heart go pitter pat. She brought me some hope. So, I don't know if she will run for president, but I think she will have my vote. ( Even money she went to the other queen, Michelle O, and said, "OK, look, love, if you aren't going to run, I will, because...something has to be done.)

And when I was gushing to my erudite neighbor, he shook his head. "If she runs in 2020, she will just anger the people who support Trump. What another celebrity as a President?" And...OK. Yes, yes, yes. Sure, sure, sure. A big TV mogul runs for President. But Oprah is so NOT Trump. And She is SO not Hilary or Bernie. ( Again, cue the feeling of drinking cool water after being in the desert.)

Also, relevant to my work as a presentation coach, as a teacher, as a women, her delivery was perfect. It makes me cry with joy just thinking about it. ( It's true, I a little bit wanted to make out with her.) Her speech was thought out, there was not an umm or an extra breath or a moment's hesitation. In our world when so much of speech is garbled and long-winded and mealy-mouthed, Oprah, like a benevolent fairy queen, used her words, her voice, her cadence, her declarative strength to command that room and cast a healing spell.

Thank you, Oprah. You have revivified my patriotism. You have made me feel proud to be an american again. (My pride for my country has been weeping in a dark corner, slowly going insane.)
It actually doesn't matter whether Oprah runs for President or not. Because she has shown me what to do and how to do it. 

On that note, I need to go rehearse my solo show about gender bias in the tech world. I'm performing at the Nugget Fringe Festival in Grass Valley CA January 19,20 & 21.

Here's the info. Someday, Oprah, I hope you see this!