What can theater and art teach the corporate and tech worlds about clear and present communication? 



Listen to Understand


 By studying the basics of theater and improv, we find solid tools to ameliorate our listening skills. We need to work on listening to understand as opposed to listening to respond."

Economy of Expression

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Long ago it was expensive to use many words. Now we can store terabytes in the ether every day. Let's try and reduce our verbal footprint and save our team mates from the fate of "TLDR"

Clear & Present Facilitation 

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No matter how brilliant  the message, if the facilitator is not warmed up, prepared, aware of X factors, and listening  to everyone, the important work will not progress.


"Training. Was. Excellent. Fun. Outstanding Even. Would not change a thing. All Account managers/Account executives etc.  should have to go through this
 Systems Engineer
"Thank you, Eleanor. The training was life-changing."
App Designer
"I just got through recapping the whole day to my wife. I think it was extremely valuable and relevant...and fun. Thanks for the great day."
Systems Engineer